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“For the last 15 years Kim and I have partnered with leaders to bring revival inside and outside of the church.  We have spoken publicly to thousands, and privately to leaders whose decisions impact millions of lives.  We have been honored to be a prominent prophetic voice for change in this generation.  Now, God has given us the mission for the next 15 years to raise prophetic voices from every culture to go into every sector of society. This is what you will be doing when you partner with us.” – Bob Hazlett




When you partner with Bob Hazlett and Ascend Ministries you are connected to each life that is being transformed.  A generation of voices from every culture is being raised up to go into every sector of society, and you play a major role in accomplishing this.
Bob loves to stay connected with the people who are partnering with him in this mission.  Bob shares a monthly email with each of our partners about what God is doing in and through this ministry. We are grateful you are running alongside us to see His kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven!


​Ascend Ministries

P.O. Box 681475

Franklin, TN 37068

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Launch Regional Conferences to gather Leaders and Churches in key regions of the nation and the World. We will discern what God is saying and see a reformation where God’s voice will be heard in the culture.

Establish a “world class” online training hub to raise up relevant and revelatory voices that will be the gatekeepers and watchman in every sector of society.

Build a regional equipping center for prophetic expression in music, media, arts, business and government. Through training curriculum, recording projects and live webcasts we will produce cutting edge tools of the harvest for front-line harvesters.

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